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Using a Bike in Washington


Bicycling for transportation is a healthy, fun and environmentally-clean way of getting around. The Washington, D.C. area has hundreds of miles of interconnected off-street trails and on-street bike routes. Bike trips are a small but growing percentage of all trips in the area, and the number of bikes in Metro station bike racks reflect cycling’s importance as the first or last leg of “multimodal” trips.

Shared-Use Trails

The Washington, D.C. area has a great network of off-street trails which are shared by cyclists, walkers, joggers and others. For more information and tips on safely sharing the trails, see the Shared-Use Trails page.


Bikesharing is public transportation using bicycles. Cities around the world have introduced bikesharing systems as a transportation option for residents and visitors. Capital Bikeshare is the regional bikesharing system in the Washington, DC area, with a network of bikes and docking stations in Arlington, Alexandria, VA, and Washington, D.C. Members can join for a year, a month, three days or 24 hours. Special fleet bikes can be checked out at one docking station and dropped off at any other docking station in the system with the first half-hour free.

Bicycling and Transit

In addition to being a door-to-door transportation mode, bicycling can fill the gap for people that live or work a mile, or a few miles, from a rail station. Many area commuters bike from home to the nearest Metro station and rely on transit to get them the rest of the way to work. Bikesharing also provides an option for those who take transit to work, but want to run an errand or go to meeting near their workplace.