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Who should pay for Metro’s extended service?

Who should pay for Metro's extended service?

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5 People or Groups That Should Pay for Extended Metro Service

With every Capitals playoff win comes a very important question: who will pay to keep Metro open late so fans can get home?

It costs $100,000 to extend Metro service to accommodate Capitals fans, who prefer not to be stranded in the city following games that don’t start until after 8 p.m.

This season, we’ve had organizations step up to foot the bill for extended service, including Uber, Pepco, the Downtown BID-via-Qatar government, and now Xfinity.

It seems there should be a permanent solution to this extended service issue, rather than a constant period of suspense as we way to see who will come through with the cash.

Here are some thoughts on who should pay for this service on an ongoing basis.

MGM - It would be a great opportunity to promote the casino at National Harbor. Plus, we love the idea of a Las Vegas-based company paying for Caps fans to get home after a game against the Golden Knights.

Elon Musk - Look, fella. If you want to dig into the ground under D.C. and build a network of high-speed tunnels or water slides or whatever you have in mind, you need to fork out some favors. $100,000 ground is like 1.5 Teslas. Help us out.

Donald J. Trump - If he can throw hundreds of thousands of dollars around to pay off porn actresses, he can help us out with some Metro funding. He can even give his ego a boost by putting his name on the side of a train car for all we care. Surely, he’ll find some creative way to claim this expense as a deduction on his taxes, too.

The Washington Capitals - Something tells me that Ted Leonsis and Co. are bringing in more than $100,000 from this playoff run. This is Ted’s team, Ted’s fan base, and Ted’s arena. Pony up, dude! It’s not like making the Stanley Cup final is an annual occurrence.

Metro - The entire idea of public transit is that it’s designed to serve people who need to get places. A city has things happen at night. Baseball games. Hockey games. Concerts. Now that Metro has dedicated funding, can we let our tax dollars help us get home when games run long?

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