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Brookland station will be closed for the next 45 days.

Brookland station will be closed for the next 45 days.

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7 Ways to Survive the Red Line Closure

Ok, here we go. The closure of stops on Metro’s Red Line for 45 days is now upon us. If you haven’t already figured out the various commuting alternatives, we are here to help.

Brookland and Rhode Island Avenue stations will be closed through Labor Day September 3, as Metro embarks on a big capital improvement project. Next weekend (July 28-29) the work will also force a closure of Takoma and the Red Line station at Fort Totten.

Here’s another friendly reminder to download and save this flyer from Metro, as it has a few helpful tips.

To survive the next 45 days, here are some ideas on what to do.

Try the Green or Yellow Line - If you normally get on the Metro at Glenmont or other nearby Red Line stops, consider heading over to Greenbelt, Prince George’s Plaza or another Green Line stop. There may be additional service to stops in this direction, as the Yellow Line will extend to Greenbelt during rush hour.

Use the Shuttle Buses - This seems like a less than ideal way to avoid the disruption, but it’s worth noting that free buses are being offered between NoMa-Gallaudet U and Fort Totten stations. There will also be buses serving Takoma and Silver Spring on July 28-29, and some buses will move between Brookland and Rhode Island Avenue and the vicinity of Metro Center, Gallery Place and Union Station.

Check Out MetroBus - There are many bus routes that can get you where you need to go almost as quickly as MetroRail. The 79 Limited Stop route on Georgia Avenue is a fast and popular route, and Metro introduced the MetroExtra 59 Limited Stop route on 14th Street this year. These buses can get you from Montgomery County to downtown DC in less than 30 minutes. Who knows? Maybe this will turn you into a bus lover.

Try MARC - The Brunswick Line has a stop at Silver Spring into Union Station, so that’s an option for those who might normally Metro in. There are also MARC stops at Rockville and Kensington. If the Brunswick Line isn’t ideal, check and see if a Penn or Camden Line stop works better for you.

Hop on the Bike - There’s now one less excuse to avoid hopping on your bicycle or trying out one of the many bikeshare options in the District and Maryland. Weather forecasts suggest that temperatures will not top 90 degrees at least for the next week or two, so try pedaling your way to and from work.

Telecommute - You now have a very legitimate reason to lobby your boss to work from home at least occasionally. Employers should offer some flexibility to those workers who are affected by the Red Line station closures. If they don’t, they are lame. If you are not allowed to telecommute, write to us and we’ll call your employer out and tell them that they suck.

Go on Vacation - It’s summer. You’ve been banking the days off. Go ahead and disappear until Labor Day. More realistically, take a week or two to lessen the aggravation.

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