Anne Arundel County officials this week touted a new boost in funding for maintenance of more than 4,600 local roads.

The county intends to spend $30 million to maintain roads in 2018, a $4 million increase over the previous year and more than $10 million since County Executive Steve Schuh took office three years ago.

Schuh said the money is part of an effort to reduce a trend of sub-par funding for road maintenance.

“Each and every time we constructed a road that road began a long-term process of deterioration,” Schuh said. The county executive said that trend reversed with a $9 million increase in road maintenance three years ago and another $4 million in the most recent budget.

“This gives us a chance to not only stabilize and maintain the roads but actually improve the roads,” he said.

Schuh made his remarks in front of Edwin Raynor Boulevard in Pasadena, the site of a $1 million road improvement project that is expected to be completed by the end of the month.