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Afternoon Commute Times: Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Good afternoon, D.C. commuters! Here are your commute times as of 4:10 p.m. this afternoon. It’s been a humid and cloudy all day as we return to work. At least hump day is out of the way.

  • I-66 West from Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge to the Capital Beltway: 13 minutes at 45 mph
  • I-95 South from the Capital Beltway to Plank Road Fredericksburg: 81 minutes at 25 mph (59 minutes at 35 mph via Express Lanes)
  • I-95 South from D.C. line at Woodrow Wilson Bridge to the Capital Beltway: 7 minutes at 55 mph
  • I-395 South from D.C. line to I-95: 20 minutes at 25 mph (9 minutes at 60 mph via HOV Lanes)
  • I-495 South (Outer Loop) from I-66 to I-95: 9 minutes at 50 mph
  • U.S. 50 West from D.C. Line at Theodore Roosevelt Bridge to the Capital Beltway: 16 minutes at 30 mph

In case you missed it, here are some newsworthy commuting items from around the web:

Rahm Emanuel Throws Shade at D.C. Metro’s Coffee Coupons: In a New York Times op-ed, the Chicago mayor piled on the scorn heaped upon Metro last week, when WMATA employees gave away the coupons last week to thank bus and rail passengers who put up with the yearlong SafeTrack maintenance program. Oh yeah, he took the opportunity to brag about Chicago’s transit system and discuss the nation’s crumbling transportation infrastructure. (The New York Times)

Enterprise CarShare Leaves D.C. Due To Lack of Demand: After four years of being D.C.‘s slightly cheaper Zipcar option, Enterprise CarShare is joining the graveyard of car and ridesharing companies that couldn’t survive on D.C.‘s competitive roads. “After carefully monitoring and evaluating demand for local car-sharing service for the past several years, Enterprise has decided to scale back its car-sharing operations in Washington D.C.,” the company said in a statement, citing lower-than-expected consumer demand. “The local program was not able to establish itself as a sustainable transportation alternative for the long term.” The company is also pulling out of the Boston, Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco markets. (DCist)

U.S. Transportation Department Launches Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) Grant Program: The INFRA program will make approximately $1.5 billion available to projects that are in line with the Administration’s principles to help rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure ? a priority for this Administration. In addition to providing direct federal funding, the INFRA program aims to increase the total investment by state, local, and private partners. (Mass Transit)

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