Arlington residents do a better job than most at leaving their cars behind when traveling around the region, according to a new study.

A report prepared on behalf of Arlington County Commuter Services and MobilityLab revealed that Arlington commuters are generally happy with the array of transit options available to them, and will get to work without using a car about 60 percent of the time.

The Arlington Resident Travel Survey is filled with nuggets of information that may be worth their own deep dives, but the key takeaways are that Arlington residents like to take advantage of close access to bus and Metro service, and will walk or ride their bikes to work when they can.

No on Driving Solo

It’s no secret that regional leaders would love commuters to avoid driving to work by themselves, and Arlington residents do a better job of listening to that advice than others. Across the county, about 40 percent of residents drive to work alone, and they do it just 27 percent of the time when commuting into the District.

Arlington residents use the train to commute 29 percent of the time, ride a bus 13 percent of the time, and will bike or walk 11 percent of the time. Meanwhile, about 17 percent said they teleworked at least one day a week and 65 percent said they worked from home at least occasionally.

Who Are the Happiest Commuters?

The travel survey offers an interesting glimpse at the most satisfied and dissatisfied commuters. Not surprisingly, 91 percent of the Arlington residents who walk to work are satisfied with their commute. For bikers, the satisfaction rate is 81 percent, and two-thirds of bus riders are satisfied.

The satisfaction rates drop, however, among drivers and train riders. Those who drive alone are only 49 percent satisfied, while rail riders are happy 37% of the time. Are Metro riders really less happy than those who are driving alone into work? That’s not a good signal for Metro.

Check back later this week as we analyze more tidbits from the Arlington Resident Travel Survey. Click here to see the entire report.


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