Bus commuters in Arlington will have fewer lines to choose from along the Columbia Pike corridor under new changes to be implemented this summer.

The first phase of changes to implement “premium service” for Arlington residents could take place as soon as June, according to a briefing presented to Metro officials last month.

The reduction of routes would reduce the complexity of Metro bus routes and better reflects the travel patterns of riders, Metro said. The changes come after a series of public meetings and survey responses from more than 3,500 riders.

Bus lines along the Columbia Pike corridor attract about 17,000 weekday boardings, Metro said.

Here’s a look at the changes that could be implemented by this summer:

  • Eliminating the 16B, E, J, K and P Lines.
  • Addition of a Crystal City to Skyline City “M” Bus.
  • The 16X bus from Columbia Pike will remain, but the extension to Federal Triangle will take place only during peak periods.
  • The 16G and 16H buses will provide transfer-free service to Crystal City.
  • There will be 23 new stations constructed in phases through 2021.
  • Weekend service to Fairfax County is under consideration, but not yet approved.


Full changes to the Columbia Pike bus plan.

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