Howard County is requesting funds for the widening of US 29 and support for bus rapid transit along the corridor, as it outlines projects to be included in the state’s five-year transportation funding plan.

In a “priority letter” earlier this month to Maryland’s Secretary of Transportation, the county said it is seeking support for eight capital and construction projects, as well as nine projects in need of data and engineering.

The priority letter offers insight into the county’s priorities over the next few years and includes requests for the widening of several roads, including MD Route 108, MD Route 103, MD Route 175, and I-70. Perhaps most notably, it wants the state to chip in for the widening of US 29 between Middle Patuxent River and Seneca Drive, as part of a broader desire to install bus rapid transit through the entire US 29 corridor.

Other projects outlined in the priority letter:

  • New buses
  • New sidewalks on Route 1 in North Laurel.
  • Improvements to various intersections and interchanges, including those at I-70 and Marriottsville Road, US Route 1 and MD Route 175, and US Route 1 and MD Route 103.

The priority letter does not offer specific price tags for projects.

Here’s a handy chart offering details on each of the projects in the priority letter.

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