The Montgomery County Department of Transportation has rolled out a series of unique infrastructure changes to make things easier for bikers and pedestrians and has launched an education program to reduce confusion.

If you live in Montgomery County, you may have seen some new features on roadways and medians, including special turn lanes for bikes, “floating” bus stops and signs explaining how to park your car near a bike lane.

MCDOT has unveiled a series of educational materials, including some videos, and is seeking feedback via a survey.

Here are some of the new bike- and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure features you may have seen recently:

Green Pavement - These green areas are designated for bike use only.

Two-Stage Turn Queue Box - A designated area that allows bikers to turn from the same side of the street as the bike lane. This is especially helpful for bikers turning left.

Bike Box - a designated area that allows bikers to get out ahead of cars at an intersection.

Separated Bike Lanes - Usually marked by green pavement and separated by flexposts, these lanes clearly designate spaces to be exclusively used by cyclists.

Floating Bus Stop - A dedicated boarding area for bus passengers between bike lanes and bus travel lanes. These allow buses to pick up passengers without having to enter bike lanes.

Keep scrolling to see videos of how these new features work.