Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman announced his proposed capital improvement budget for 2019 this week, and it includes $6 million for road surfacing and another $1 million to expand the county’s biking trail network.

The road surfacing funds would allow for re-paving of 36 miles of roads in the county. The budget also calls for new money for new roads, bridge improvements, sidewalk and curb projects, and general traffic improvements.

Here’s a look at what’s proposed for the fiscal year 2019, in addition to the money proposed over a five-year period.

New roads: $4.95 million for FY2019, with another $128 million to be spent between 2020 and 2024.

Road resurfacing: $6.75 million in FY2019, with another $55 million to be spent from 2020-2024.

Traffic improvements: $1.64 million in FY2019 with another $12 million through 2024.

The new budget also calls for $1.1 million in funds and grants to advance the 48-mile BikeHoward Express network. According to the county, it’s the most ever set aside in a single year for bike infrastructure.

Kittleman also noted that 41 bus stops will be improved under the FY2019 plan, adding to the 35 bus stops expected to receive upgrades by June of this year.

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