Four transportation projects in Maryland are likely to get federal funding after a vote Wednesday by the region’s Transportation Planning Board.

The board is expected to recommend more than $1.2 million in funds stemming from a special federal program designed to support small-scale projects geared toward pedestrian and bicycle access.

The four projects in Rockville, Frederick, Montgomery County and Prince George’s County were selected out of more than $5.6 million in funding requests. The State Highway Administration will consider the recommendations and decide whether to award funding later this year.

The projects slated for recommendation include:

-$248,000 for sidewalks in Forest Glen.

-$686,309 for the Golden Mile Multi-Modal Access Project in Frederick.

-$222,841 for bike share in Prince George’s County. Plans call for eight new stations.

-$60,000 for a shared use path on Scott and Veirs Mill Drive in Rockville.

Projects submitted for funding were graded on a 100-point scale, with points awarded for providing access to transit and safer access to schools, supporting regional activity centers, and benefitting lower-income neighborhoods.

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