The National Park Service is warning of possible traffic disruptions on the George Washington Memorial Parkway, as it begins work on the rehabilitation of the Windy Run Bridge.

NPS said work could begin as soon as June 11, leading to intermittent lane closures. Work will continue throughout the summer, forcing a lane shift and reduction in speed limit in the area.

The initial stages of work next week will involve the removal of guardrails and the center curbs. The median will also be paved to allow traffic to eventually cross between the north and southbound lanes.

In July, NPS said it expects the following disruptions:

  • Lowering of the work zone speed limit to 35 miles per hour
  • Reducing the number of travel lanes near and over Windy Run Bridge
  • Directing all traffic into three narrow travel lane
  • Shifting travel lanes to accommodate rush hour traffic

NPS said drivers should ” consider detours, alternatives to commuting, or public transit while the bridge is under construction.”


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