The region’s transportation planning board said it would consider a series of initiatives for further study and possible inclusion in the region’s long-term vision.

The National Capital Transportation Planning Board said said five projects will be included in an air quality analysis later this year. While a relatively small step in a long approval process, being included in the air quality analysis ensures that these projects will be at least considered in the long-range plans, known as Visualize 2045.

The projects include:

  • Adding managed toll lanes to I-270 and I-495 in Maryland, as well as widening I-97, Route 201, Route 301.
  • Adding four segments of bus rapid transit in Montgomery County. The board will consider adding a fifth segment to the air quality analysis at its February meeting.
  • The addition of a secondary southbound lane on I-95 and widening US 15. The board also said it will examine plans to change the completion date of the I-495 HOT Lanes project and the number of HOT lanes in each direction. The board also formally scrapped any support of a Virginia Railway Express extension to Gainesville and Haymarket.
  • Six new segments in the District’s bike network, and the elimination of three segments of its streetcar network.
  • An effort by Metro to add capacity, specifically by using 8-car trains exclusively during peak times.

The air quality analysis will be performed between February and August. TPB will then vote in October to accept the projects for inclusion in Visualize 2045.

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