Washington-area residents will be encouraged to ditch their cars and find other ways to get around in September, as part of a two-day “car-free” event.

“Car-free Days” will be scheduled for September 21 and 22 and will feature a series of events across the region designed to encourage the use of alternative modes of travel.

The two-day effort is designed to “create awareness and encourage residents to go car free by using public transportation, bicycling or walking, or go car lite and carpool,” according to a proclamation from the region’s Transportation Planning Board. The TPB is scheduled to approve the proclamation Wednesday and will encourage local jurisdictions to make their own proclamations and encourage participation.

During last year’s car-free day on September 22, more than 11,000 people pledged to go car-free or “car-lite,” potentially representing 191,000 in fewer vehicle miles traveled, the TPB said.

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