Speed cameras in the District of Columbia and Maryland suburbs were responsible for 2.1 million citations last year, generating a total of more than $123 million in fines in fiscal year 2016, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.

D.C. led the metro area with more than $99 million, while Montgomery County, Md., garnered $24 million in fines. Virginia prohibits the use of speed cameras.

“Each rush hour area motorists are forced to run the gauntlet. It seems they don’t have a ghost of a chance to avoid being monitored by speed camera systems on area roadways, except, of course, in Virginia, which is devoid of the devices by state law,” said John B. Townsend II, AAA Mid-Atlantic’s manager of public and government affairs.

The District issued 994,163 speed-camera tickets in FY16, up from 520,104 in FY15 ? comprising 45.8 percent of speed-camera tickets within the metropolitan area. Montgomery County had 529,993 last year, up from 507,531. Third highest was Prince George’s County with 263,302 in FY16, up from 260,911 in FY15.

“This explains why the systems remain ‘golden apples of discord’ in the minds of motorists who question whether the speed cameras are more about revenue than traffic safety,” Townsend said.

Other smaller jurisdictions totaled 379,376 speed-camera tickets last year, a decrease from 491,648 in FY15.