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Commuter Crush: Getting Her Number in the Nick of Time

Kat is an author, founder of the DC dating blog Unemployed Kat and matchmaker with Three Day Rule.

Flirting with people on the Metro is always a total crapshoot.

Kat Haselkorn

Kat Haselkorn

You have no idea if it’s the start of something amazing or if you’re completely wasting your time. You have no idea if they’re single, only a vague sense of someone’s age, zero info about their educational or professional background. There are just so many unknowns.

At the same time, there’s something nice about seeing a familiar face on a regular basis. Even if the interaction is brief each day, you feel like you know them. You learn their habits. You watch them read entire books over the course of a few weeks. You see their various outfits (and after some time you’ve probably seen their entire wardrobe). You know if they’re the type of person who carries a gym bag to the office or who brings their lunch to work.

Commuting Quirks

A couple I know who met while commuting to work several years ago had noticed all these little quirks about each other.

Before they’d even exchanged two words, she knew that he brought his lunch to work religiously. He knew that she read real hardcover books (to this day she refuses to buy a Kindle) and they both knew that the other person was overly prepared for rain (they both carried umbrellas with them every day, just in case).

Crushing from Braddock Road to DC

These two Virginians commuted from the Braddock Road Metro Station into Metro Center and McPherson Square for work every day. They’d typically get into the same Metrocar and he always noticed the tall blonde reading a book.

A few weeks passed before they spoke for the first time, but once the ice was broken, they started chatting regularly on the way to work. The conversations, always casual, continued over the course of months but they both began to realize that major crushes were developing.

The Big Ask

Then, the morning before she was set to move to Clarendon and abandon their Metro line for good, he finally mustered the courage to ask for her number.

“About time!” she scolded him.

He knew she’d be moving away from their neighborhood, so he wanted to make sure he could continue seeing his favorite commuting buddy even when they weren’t traveling the same route anymore. The next day, he texted her to ask her out and they set up their first date in Old Town Alexandria, just a short walk from their original meeting spot.

These days, he works out of Pentagon City and she commutes into DC from Clarendon. The relationship is still going strong!

Commuter Crush is published every Friday, just in time for your unintentional weekend hookups (or while you’re recovering from a debaucherous Thursday night). If you have an interesting story to share, let us know via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us with #commutercrush.

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