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Commuter Crush: Lingering at Work for Love

Kat is an author, founder of the DC dating blog Unemployed Kat and matchmaker with Three Day Rule.

There are certain companies in DC that are known for hiring lots of young folks right out of college. When I first moved back after school, most of my friends worked high-paying analyst-level jobs at Deloitte, Advisory Board, Cornerstone Research, McKinsey, and some of the top law firms.

Kat Haselkorn

Kat Haselkorn

When you have hundreds of similarly aged people working crazy hours in close quarters with big fat paychecks, it often leads to office romances.

One of my close guy friends had a secret crush on one of his co-workers. He didn’t work on any important projects with this woman, but they passed each other in the hall regularly, engaged in occasional chit-chat in the elevator, and attended all-company meetings and events together.

My friend noticed that his crush typically stayed at the office late to beat rush-hour traffic and so he started trying to match her schedule. One day, they were leaving work around the same time and ended up walking from their downtown office to the Foggy Bottom Metro Station together. Along the way, he learned that she lived in Alexandria and took the same Blue Line train home that he did each evening.

Though his stop was a couple before hers, he was thrilled to learn that they were across-the-river neighbors and made a mental note to plan his afternoons so he could head home when he saw her winding down for the day.

For the next few weeks, he caught up with her nearly every day to walk to Foggy Bottom, board the train, and ride south into Virginia together. Because they made a point to leave later in the evening, the trains usually weren’t too crowded and they often got seats next to each other. Of course, with all the track work and Metro construction, there were plenty of days when they got stuck in the tunnel under the Potomac for a significant period of time. But they used the delays as an opportunity to flirt and learn more about each other.

After a few months of this, my friend finally worked up the courage to ask her out. Though she was initially reluctant to date a co-worker, she realized how close they had become during that shared evening commute and she eventually relented.

My friend and his crush, now girlfriend, have been happily commuting to and from work together ever since.

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