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Commuter Crush: Uber Hotties

Kat is an author, founder of the DC dating blog Unemployed Kat and matchmaker with Three Day Rule.

When Metro track work screws everything up for your morning commute, sometimes it feels like the only option is to Uber to work. Obviously, that can get pretty pricey, but once or twice is sometimes a necessity.

Kat Haselkorn

Kat Haselkorn

One of my girlfriends drove for Uber last year and saw a big spike in pickups during the morning rush, when track work was taking place on the Yellow Line. During those weeks, she made a point to set her alarm and get up early to snag as many passengers as possible.

Early Bird Gets the Hottie

One day, she picked up a cute guy right outside the U Street Metro Station and headed towards his office in Crystal City. It was a bit of a drive and had started drizzling so the traffic was even worse than normal. What should have been a 20-minute drive was estimated at 45 minutes. He sat in the back seat looking slightly annoyed by the delays but as they started chatting, he kept leaning forward to answer her questions and seemed truly engaged in the conversation.

She tried not to notice how cute he was, but that proved to be challenging. He was tall and slim with dark hair, blue eyes, and a cute, twisted tooth that made him just un-perfect enough to be non-threatening. She found out he graduated college two years ahead of her and they had some friends-in-common in DC.

It had been a rough couple of months for my friend as she was applying to jobs, juggling Uber drives, and trying to “do the DC thing” on a very tight budget. But this guy made her feel like all the crappy Uber passengers were worth the trouble.

She wanted to see him again, but didn’t know how. Could she ask him out? The rules were pretty strict for Uber drivers, but it always felt like the rules were targeted at male drivers to prevent them from leering at female passengers and making them feel uncomfortable.

Getting the Digits

At a longish stoplight in Pentagon City just a few blocks from the guy’s destination at the WeWork in Crystal City, he hopped out of the backseat and came around to sit shotgun.

“Hope you don’t mind,” he told her, “I just feel like you’re a friend of mine, not some regular Uber driver.”

She smiled. She felt the same way.

As she drove into the circle in front of the office building, she took a deep breath and took a shot: “I don’t know if you’re single, and this is probably breaking every single driver rule there is, but I’d love to see you again if you’re up for it.”

She smiled up at him blushing furiously.

How Many Stars?

Luckily, he was as smitten as she was. They exchanged numbers and he texted her the moment he stepped inside: Best. Uber ride. Ever. Can I give you more than 5 stars?

As crazy as it seems, that was the start of something real. It’s been over a year and my friend is still dating the guy she met in the Uber. They’re on the young side (only 26), but have been talking about moving in together and getting a puppy.

As much as we all might curse the seemingly never-ending #back2good Metro work, it can lead to epic love stories too.

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