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Recent efforts to repair and rebuild bridges in the region have paid off.

Recent efforts to repair and rebuild bridges in the region have paid off.

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D.C. Area Bridges in Better Shape Than Most

Bridges in the Washington, D.C. region are in relatively good condition, according to a new analysis of the 54,300 structurally deficient bridges in the U.S.

The American Road and Transportation Builders Association said fewer than 10% of bridges in Maryland, Virginia, and the District are considered structurally deficient, and noted that all three jurisdictions had fewer “bad bridges” than a year ago.

The ARTBA analysis of Federal Highway Administration data showed the following:

  • In Virginia, 825 of 13,932 bridges (5.9%) were structurally deficient through 2017. That’s down from 932 structurally deficient bridges the previous year.
  • In Maryland, 300 of 5,335 bridges (5.6%) were structurally deficient through last. That’s down from 308 in 2016.
  • Only eight of the District of Columbia’s 245 bridges are considered structurally deficient, down from nine in 2016. (The District will begin work on one of the bridges—the Anacostia Freeway over Nicholson St. SE—in February.)

A ranking of the most heavily trafficked structurally deficient bridges does include some from the Washington region, including:

  • I-95 over Route 214 in Prince George’s County. Built: 1963. Daily crossings: 203,660. Rank: 11th.
  • I-95 Over Suitland Parkway. Built: 1963. Daily crossings: 185,190. Rank: 30th
  • I-95 Over Suitland Road. Built: 1963. Daily crossings: 177,270. Rank: 33.
  • I-95 Over Route 414. Built: 1963. Daily crossings: 143,828. Rank: 65
  • Custis Memorial Highway over Ramps B&F at Route 29, Arlington. Built: 1965. Daily crossings: 96,888. Rank: 191


-Full ARTBA 2018 Bridge Report

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