Riders of the DC Circulator will see some new battery-operated buses in action next week.

The District Department of Transportation said it will put 14 new buses into service on May 1, bringing zero-emission rides along the Circulator’s six routes.

The Proterra E2 Catalyst Electric Buses operate using 100 percent battery power and are expected to have a lifespan of about 12 years. The District said fuel and maintenance costs will be $6 million lower than regular buses over time. Without the battery buses, the District would be using up 88,900 gallons of fuel annually, the city said.

The new battery buses were on display last week near city hall as part of the District’s Earth Day festivities.

The battery-operated buses make up 18 percent of the 77 buses in the Circulator fleet. The Circulator also uses 27 new clean diesel buses, introduced last year.

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