The District Department of Transportation is rolling out a new design for its emergency “no parking” signs, in an effort to reduce confusion among drivers.

The signs, which will be used starting on Friday, June 1, include clearer and more specific information about parking restrictions, and more information on how to post the signs.

These parking signs are part of the “Emergency No Parking/Reserved Parking” program. The ENP/RP signs are used by people or businesses who need to temporarily occupy a public space for a certain time limit.

Between June 1 and June 30, there will be a transition period to allow people to put up the new parking signs to replace the long-term reserved parking permits. (These are commonly used by construction sites.) DDOT will begin enforcing the new ENP/RP signs on July 1.
Anyone who needs a new ENP/RP sign can get one from the District’s Transportation Online Permitting System.