Every driver has endured the mild anxiety of sitting at a traffic light with no idea when the light will turn green.

The District is hoping to reduce that stress by partnering with Audi on technology that allows drivers to know precisely how long they will have to wait.

About 600 traffic lights will be equipped with “time to green” technology that works with Audi cars. Select Audi cars built in 2017 and 2018 include Traffic Light Information (TLI) systems.

TLI operates using a 4G LTE data connection allows the car and traffic light to communicate with one another. If the traffic light is red, drivers can look at their car’s instrument panel to see the time remaining until the light turns green.

This technology is only available for drivers of select Audi cars but could have other applications down the road. For example, it could allow for drivers to receive information on optimal routes, or speed recommendations to allow drivers to know how fast to drive in order to make green lights in sequence.