One day, the District of Columbia will be filled with cars riding efficiently around the city with no one behind the wheel.

In anticipation of that day, the District has announced a working group to explore the potential impact of autonomous vehicles (AV), and said it could launch a small pilot program in the city.

The working group includes representatives from about a dozen city agencies. Its stated goal is to “proactively prepare the District for AV technologies” and ensure its deployment benefits District residents.

“We will keep the District on the cutting edge of autonomous vehicles and do so in a way that benefits our residents,” Bowser said. “Washington, DC is a creative, tech-savvy city, and as we grow, we will always be exploring and investing in innovation and finding ways to make it more inclusive.”

The District also released a Request for Information on a possible AV pilot program that would allow for driverless vehicles along 10th St. SW near L’Enfant Plaza. The area is viewed as ideal for a pilot program because it gets limited traffic—about 4,300 cars a day.

The RFI was released in partnership with the Southwest Business Improvement District, and asks companies to submit information on their qualifications and their ideas for how an AV pilot program might be deployed in that area.

Previously, the District launched a pilot program involving delivery robots from Starship Technologies.

How do you think autonomous vehicles would impact transportation in the District?