Maryland transportation officials have been working on a series of changes to improve the experience for EZ-PASS customers.

The Maryland Transportation Administration (MDTA) this week unveiled a new mobile website to allow customers to check account balances, make payments, and review or change other account information. In addition, it said it would be expanding its communications outreach, with steps that include a new Customer Bill of Rights and more information about video tolling.

The MDTA also said it would:

  • Redesign and simplify how it tells motorists of a toll due.
  • Proactively contact customers when tolls and penalties go above a certain threshold.
  • Create a video tolling customer service center helpline.
  • Connect video toll transactions and license plates with current E-ZPass accounts using driver’s license numbers. Presumably, this will prevent unpaid tolls from escalating to citations.
  • Establish a tiered civil-penalty process, realigning charges to costs.
  • Educating drivers about video tolling with educational videos, mailers, electronic billboards, press releases and signage.

These changes come in addition to some that E-ZPASS previously announced, including more outreach to large employers and an increase in the time customers have to pay fines.

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