Efforts to expand Express Lanes on I-66 outside the Beltway are starting to impact drivers in Northern Virginia.

The Virginia Department of Transportation said motorists can expect some of the first impacts to happen this week on Route 28, where there will be overnight lane closures between Braddock Road and Westfield Boulevard.

On Monday, the left lanes of northbound Route 28 will be closed after 9 p.m. from Route 29 to Westfield Boulevard.

On Tuesday, the left lanes of southbound Route 28 from Willard Road to Braddock Road starting at 9 p.m.

After these closures, crews are expected to set up work zones on Route 28 to the north of the I-66 interchange, and will shift travel lanes.

This work on Route 28 is one of the first projects associated with the upgrades to I-66 to accommodate express lanes outside the Beltway by 2022. There will be about a half-dozen areas along I-66 and nearby roads that will see work zones installed in April and May.

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