It’s a month away and the exact location is still unclear, but organizers of a rally for gun control are predicting as much as 500,000 people to descend into the District on March 24.

The March for Our Lives rally would be one of the largest in recent memory and could impact areas other than the National Mall.

The rally is being organized by students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., where a gunman fatally shot 14 students and three staff members on Feb. 14.

Students are rallying in support of stricter gun control laws and expect to have coinciding events in several different locations across the country.

It’s customary for marches of this size to take place on the National Mall. However, the Mall reportedly may be unavailable due to a film crew that applied to use the area first. The Washington Post reported that the National Park Service is working with organizers to identify other possible locations, including West Potomac Park.

If 500,000 or more people come to the District, it will rival the size of the Women’s March on Washington in 2017, though the National Park Service does not keep official attendance figures.

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