There’s been a lot of buzz about nailing down dedicated funding for Metro, but is commuter rail and bus service also part of the discussion?

Communities in Northern Virginia that aren’t served by Metro have pushed for more funding for Virginia Railway Express and the Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission (PRTC), according to a report by

The website reports that lawmakers in Stafford and Prince William counties have called for more rail and bus funding as part of the broader discussion involving dedicated Metro funding. Proposals call for a floor in the gas tax to pay for upgrades to VRE and the bus service operated by the PRTC.

“All of the energy is focused on Metro in the General Assembly right now,” Prince William County Supervisor Marty Nohe who also serves as chair of VRE’s operations board, told “Our hope and expectation is that a deal will be struck between the House [of Delegates] and the Senate specific to Metro, then, in the final moments of the conversation, whatever is to be done for VRE and PRTC can get done. It’s sort of our strategy, at this point.”

There remains some disagreement over how funds would be administered. One proposal calls for a dedicated fund for VRE, which would open up other money for PRTC. Others have called for dedicated funding for both VRE and PRTC.

Do you think there should be dedicated funding for VRE and bus services in the exurbs of Northern Virginia?