Lyft is on fire with cross-brand tie-ins in the past two weeks. First came Taco Mode, an in-app option that allows passengers to request a trip through a Taco Bell drive-thru during their journey. Now Lyft is partnering with Amtrak to allow Amtrak app users to book a trip in the train operator’s mobile software for the first and last legs of their journey.

Taco Mode is being tested for the second straight weekend in Orange County, Calif., from Thursday through Sunday between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. Lyft drivers have the option of not opting into Taco Mode, which may assuage accusations from critics who say Lyft doesn’t treat its drivers any better than Uber.

Meanwhile, the Lyft-Amtrak bro hug takes effect today. New users can use the redeem code “AMTRAKLYFT” to get a $5 discount on their first four rides using the ride-sharing app.

Lyft is also teaming up with Disney to provide in-resort transportation. In Orlando, Disney World unveiled the first of its “Minnie Vans” in the resort, with white polka dots.