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Man Arrested for Allegedly Punching Metrobus Driver

​Police arrested a 27-year-old Alexandria man for allegedly punching a Metrobus driver at Huntington Metro Station last week.

Michael S. Powell Jr. was booked on charges of malicious bodily injury, a Virginia class-3 felony, and misdemeanor assault and battery, Metro Transit Police said in a statement Tuesday.

Powell, 27, was arrested for allegedly punching a Metrobus driver.

Powell, 27, was arrested for allegedly punching a Metrobus driver.


The alleged assault stems from an incident just before midnight last Wednesday, April 25, when Powell allegedly punched the 10A Metrobus driver due to a previous dispute at the Braddock Road Metro Station, police said.

In the process of trying to depart the bus, Powell also allegedly assaulted a passenger, according to police.

Detectives watched video camera footage from the interior of the bus to identify Powell, police said.

A warrant was obtained by MTPD Monday night, and Powell was arrested by MTPD officers without incident Tuesday evening. He will be arraigned in Fairfax County Circuit Court.

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