If you’ve ever received helped when broken down on a Maryland highway, you are one in a million.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced this week that the state’s Coordinated Action Response Team (CHART) made its one millionth response to a request for service since the program started 27 years ago.

This includes assisting 635,000 motorists and 365,000 traffic incidents.

CHART started in 1989 as an initiative known as “Reach the Beach” design to help motorists heading to the Eastern Shore. It expanded with the opening of two regional centers in 1989 and 1990. A statewide operating center opened in 1995. It also operates traffic operations centers in Frederick County, Baltimore County, and in College Park, and has two seasonal centers to support beach traffic in the summer and mountainous areas in the winter.

CHART moved to 24/7 service in 2015, after it added trucks and personnel.

Maryland officials said the CHART program averages one response every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. The state estimates that the program has save $1.5 billion in lost travel time, or 43.6 million hours of delays.

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