Maryland legislators have introduced a new bill that would require state transportation officials to review pedestrian and bike access to public schools in the state.

House Bill 285 would require the Maryland Department of Transportation to conduct a full study of how people access schools on foot and via bicycle. It also requires MDOT to report any safety concerns regarding bike and pedestrian access.

Following the study, MDOT would be required to submit a series of recommendations based on any safety concerns it uncovers.

The bill would require MDOT to submit a report by January 1, 2020. It is sponsored by Del. Luedtke, (D-District 14) of Montgomery County.

“In my district, there are very few schools that do have sufficient sidewalks or bike access,” Luedtke told NBC-4 in Washington last month. “You go to almost any elementary, middle, high school—public or private—and you’ll see what you see behind me: busy roads, no sidewalks, no bike paths, no safe routes.”

House Bill 285 has been assigned to the committee on Environment and Transportation. There will be a hearing on the bill this Thursday at 1 p.m.