Maryland transportation officials are arguing for the addition of roadway improvements, state-of-the-art ramp metering and virtual weigh stations to Interstate 270 be included as part of a long-term regional plan to reduce congestion on D.C.-area roads and highways.

The Maryland Department of Transportation has requested that the Constrained Long Range Plan should include the improvements to I-270 between I-70 and I-495, National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board said last week while announcing the public comment period for the proposal.

The I-270 project includes roadway improvements to increase capacity and eliminate bottlenecks, and technological improvements such as ramp metering, active traffic management, and virtual weigh stations.

MDOT has proposed that the improvements to I-270 be included in upcoming analyses on improvements to the I-66 “Outside the Beltway” project and a new off-ramp from the northbound I-95 HOT lanes in Virginia.

The public comment period for MDOT’s proposed work on I-270 concludes at 11:59 P.M. on Saturday, May 13. Comments can be submitted via this link: