Not surprisingly, Maryland residents said they would like to see more road construction and expanded public transit options in a new survey focused on the state’s 20-year transportation plan.

The Maryland Department of Transportation has been seeking feedback on 2040 Maryland Transportation Plan, and early results suggest residents want more and better service above all else. They have also shown an interest in how autonomous vehicles will shape the state’s transportation future.

The survey does not seek feedback on the nitty-gritty details of the 2040 plan. Rather, it asks respondents about their broad feelings on issues such as expansion of public transit options, more road construction, and technology upgrades.

For example, the survey’s opening question asks, “What’s important to you?” and then asks respondents to rank eight different issues.

Survey respondents said “transportation choice” was their top priority, followed by system expansion, environment, and travel reliability.

Respondents also showed a preference for new highways and lanes, improvements to infrastructure, and new public-private partnerships.

There seems to be a new interest in the impact of driverless cars as well. In a list of nearly 40 strategies for improving the state’s transportation system, a policy for dealing with autonomous vehicles ranked 7th.


These survey results are preliminary. The current survey will remain open for most of 2018, and feedback will be incorporated into the state’s update of the 2040 plan, due out in 2019. (The plan is updated every five years.) This transportation plan guides the state’s Consolidated Transportation Program, which in turn outlines the specific projects that will be funded over a six year capital program.

Residents can take the survey here, and compare their answers to other respondents.

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