Metro riders can now get refunds on their fares if they endure a delay of 15 minutes or more during peak times.

The Metro Board on Thursday approved the “Rush Hour Promise,” in the hopes that it will lure more riders back to using the Metro system. The Rush Hour promise went into effect right away with the Friday morning commute.

Here’s how the Rush Hour Promise works:

  • If you are riding Metrorail and your trip is delayed by 15 minutes or more, your registered SmarTrip Card will automatically receive a refund. Metro will measure if there is a delay based on the time it takes for a rider to “tap in” and then “tap out.”
  • If you are riding MetroBus and endure a delay, you must fill out an online form to request a refund on your SmarTrip card. Bus refunds aren’t automatic because riders don’t “tap out.”
  • The refund can’t be applied to a SmarTrip card that is not registered.

Metro says it will refund for delayed travel for almost any reason, except bad weather, previously announced track work, and other extraordinary circumstances such as a region-wide blackout.

If you ride using a SelectPass, One Day Pass or Seven Day Pass, you’ll get a $3 credit for delayed Metrorail trips and $1 credit for delayed Metrobus trips under the program.

Metro officials said they are rolling out the Rush Hour Promise to lure back ridership, even though delays of 15 minutes or more are rare. Metro said trips that exceed the 15-minute threshold make up less than 1 percent of all trips.