The Metro inspector general’s office uncovered overtime abuses among managers and supervisors, including one who collected overtime pay when he was not working.

That individual - a track department supervisor - was fired Friday as the IG’s probe of overtime abuses continues.

“It is disturbing and disappointing that any employee would misuse overtime. The supervisor in this matter has been dismissed effective immediately,” Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld said in a statement Friday. “As stewards of the public’s trust, all of us at Metro must hold ourselves to a standard of conduct that is above suspicion and reproach. We have a code of ethics that prohibits abuse of employment here for private gain.”

The IG’s office also found that certain track managers earned more than double their base salary in overtime in a pattern that recurred over several years, but before the recently concluded SafeTrack initiative.

“I want to commend Inspector General Geoffrey Cherrington and welcome his partnership in WMATA’s efforts to police ourselves,” Wiedefeld said. “We are implementing his recommended changes to business controls to ensure full compliance with our policies and procedures.”

The overtime investigation comes as Metro attempts to enforce accountability among personnel. In the spring, Wiedefeld fired one-third of the track inspection department over concerns they were falsifying inspection reports.