Crime on Metro trains and buses dropped to its lowest level in 11 years, with major crimes dropping by 19% in 2016, the transit service reported.

Metro said it saw an across-the-board decline in crime last year, with the number of serious crimes like assault, burglary, and arson at their lowest level since 2015.

There were five murders on Metro in 2016, but none last year. Metro also reported no cases of burglary or arson in 2017.

Here are the percentage declines in crime, as reported by Metro:

  • Aggravated assaults: down 27 percent.
  • Robbery: down 18 percent.
  • Motor vehicle theft: down 45 percent.
  • Attempted motor vehicle theft: down 39 percent.
  • Snatch/pickpocket incidents: down 27 percent.
  • Larceny: Down 10 percent.
  • Rape: Down 67 percent.

Metro credited its real-time monitoring of high-definition cameras for the crime decline, and also noted that Metro Transit Police Department officers are more visible due to new neon yellow uniforms.

Do you feel safer on Metro?

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