Metro is requesting an additional $1.25 million to allow all Red Line trains to travel all the way to Shady Grove.

The new funds would allow for the elimination of the so-called “Grosvenor turnback,” which led to more service near the core of the District but less frequent service further out.

The funding would come from an amendment to the subsidy from Maryland, DC and Virginia. If the Metro Board approves the funding adjustment, the service change would go into effect in January of 2019. The funds would allow for six months of service.

Metro is still analyzing how to adjust service to Shady Grove, if at all. One proposal calls for 15 trains to run per hour from Shady Grove, but a partial elimination of the turnback would cause trains to run at a rate of 12 per hour.

The proposed adjustment would be broken down as follows:

District of Columbia: $429,954

Montgomery County: $227,830

Prince George’s County: $205,126
Maryland total: $432,956

Alexandria: $60,623
Arlington: $121,172
Fairfax City: $3,924
Fairfax County: $198,453
Falls Church: $3,218
Virginia total: $387,089