The chances of a strike of Metro workers looked less likely Monday after the transit agency reached a new contract agreement with one labor union and continued negotiations with another.

OPEIU Local 2, which represents about 1,000 administrative and professional employees, said it reached a new five-year contract that allows for modest wage increases in exchange for more contributions to health care.

Meanwhile, the union representing the vast majority of other workers said it was continuing to negotiate with Metro management over a variety of issues. ATU Local 689 leaders met with Metro leadership met for the fourth time since union members voted to allow a strike and were expected to meet again Tuesday. The union said that on August 6, it will hold a work selection process for 271 custodians represented by the union. The union said workers could choose to work at rail yards or bus garages; this is viewed as a concession from Metro, who, the union said, had been reassigning custodians from those locations without taking seniority into account.

Union leaders said they “will meet again tomorrow and look forward to continuing to negotiate and resolve the other issues that Local 689 has demanded to bargain with [Metro],” ATU 689 said in a statement.

Metro officials said negotiations with ATU Local 629 will continue.

“Metro executives continue to work with union officials to identify common ground and protect current employees, while containing cost growth,” the transit service said.