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Metrobus Fleet Returns to Full Strength Following Inspections

Metro is returning its fleet of 164 Metrobuses to service Monday after three weeks of safety inspections failed to uncover why two buses stalled at low speed in March.

The 164 buses, which were manufactured by New Flyer, represented about 10 percent of the Metrobus fleet. These buses were taken off the streets March 28 after the two incidents, while inspectors from Metro and New Flyer investigated the root cause of the stalls.

Over the past 10 days, Metro conducted test runs using buses equipped with special monitoring equipment in real-world conditions (without passengers). The test runs revealed no additional problems, according to Metro. New Flyer inspectors have also expressed confidence that changes to engine parameters will prevent further unexpected engine stalling, and that the buses are safe for passenger service.

Metro used a reserve fleet to fill the 10 percent gap in available buses, but persisting shortfalls caused some lines to be canceled.

“We truly appreciate your understanding as we have worked to ensure that your Metrobus fleet is operating as safely as possible, and I extend my apologies for any inconvenience or delay you may have experienced as a result of the actions we have taken over the past several weeks,” said Joe Leader, Metro’s chief operating officer.

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