If you ride the Metro red line, you know that many trains go all the way out to Shady Grove, while others stop in Grosvenor before heading back to the city.

Montgomery County officials would prefer to see all trains extend all the way to the end of the line, and are urging residents to lobby Metro this week.

Metro in 2015 said it would commit to extending more service to Shady Grove by July of this year. But, Montgomery County officials noted, the proposed FY2019 Metro budget does not call for an elimination of these turnbacks.

It’s not uncommon for Metro to have some trains turn around at stations closer in to the city. On the opposite end of the Red Line, for example, many trains will stop at Silver Spring and Wheaton instead of extending to Glenmont.

But Montgomery County officials said the turnbacks at Grosvenor have negatively impacted ridership at Twinbrook, White Flint, and Rockville. During peak periods, trains past Grosvenor can run only once every eight minutes, the county said.

Last fall, County Executive Ike Leggett sent a letter urging Metro to cease the Grosvenor turnbacks. He urged Metro to test a pilot program with all 15 trains heading to Shady Grove, and if that proved unworkable, to try with 12 trains.

Montgomery County is urging residents to testify at the public hearing regarding Metro’s proposed budget. The meeting will be at Metro’s headquarters (600 5th St. NW) on Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Would you prefer to see all Red Line trains go to Shady Grove?

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