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There are three bus stops near the proposed Novus Kings Crossing project.

There are three bus stops near the proposed Novus Kings Crossing project.

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More Buses = Less Parking for Fairfax County Project, So Everyone’s Happy

If residential developers had their way, most would prefer to offer less parking for residents so they can use the land in a more profitable way.

If local jurisdictions had their way, there would be less parking required because fewer people are driving.

It appears that the two sides met for a happy agreement for a new project in Mount Vernon, as the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved a request for a reduced parking requirement.

The developer of Novus Kings Crossing asked for and received a 12.5 percent reduction in the parking requirement for the apartment building, after successfully pointing out that local bus service was adequate enough to serve the residents.

Regulations in Fairfax County usually require 1.6 spaces for every unit, but the county can reduce that requirement if the development is within “reasonable walking distance” to an express bus with high-frequency service, or a bus stop serving three or more routes including one to a Metro Station.

County officials agreed that Novus Kings Crossing met these requirements, and thus will only be required to have 1.4 spaces for each of the 350 units. This means a reduction in parking spaces from 560 to 490.

Novus Kings Crossing would be served by a bus line connecting residents to the Huntington Metro Station. In addition, bus lines provide access to the areas of Mount Vernon, Fort Belvoir, Hybla Valley, Groveton and Engleside.

Read: Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Meeting Documents (Page 165)

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