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Despite the name, A Baked Joint is not - not - a marijuana dispensary, as a Yelp user believed in his review of the coffeehouse and bakery (for the record, 11 people found his comments helpful).

No Weed, Yes Biscuit Sammie

So while it does not - not - have any kind bud, it does boast one of the best breakfast sandwiches we’ve ever enjoyed in the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Full stop.

Biscuit Sammie, $5.50.

Biscuit Sammie, $5.50.

Do yourself a favor and order the biscuit sammie ($5.50). You choose between a meat/cheese or goat/cheese/herbs with a fried egg and mayo. For those who are lactose intolerant, bring your pills: The cheese is baked into a coaster-sized biscuit that is flaky on the outside and buttery on the inside. The biscuit is also proportional to the salty fried egg, so there isn’t a bite absent of all the essential elements of a pretty damn good breakfast sandwich.

Breakfast is served all day at A Baked Joint, accompanying a lunch menu including a smoked salmon sandwich ($10.75), BLT ($11), ma ... the meatloaf! ($11) and salads (various prices).

Pernil, $10.75.

Pernil, $10.75.

For the Sake of Science, We Had Another Sandwich

Just to be thorough, we also had the roasted pernil sandwich, featuring Boriqua marinated pork, sweet plantains, aji-li-mojili sauce on a bolillo roll ($10.75). Pork is hit and miss in a sandwich, but this one was a hit - the plantains mixed with the sauce and pork to create a sweet-and-savory treat.

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh bread. A Baked Joint bakes daily using organic wheat. Try the country sourdough and polenta, or the chocolate cherry sourdough (bread of the day on Friday).


On a 93-degree day with oppressive humidity, we ordered a iced vanilla latte ($3.60 for a 16 oz. iced latte without frills) - our baseline relaxation drink during the summer. It was refreshing and awakened our senses after a long walk. Other folks rave about the dirty chai ($4.35 for a 16-oz drink).


Service was effective, as cashiers patiently answered questions and quickly ran customers through the counter. A Baked Joint sits on the western edge of NoMa, with professionals and tattooed hipsters mixing easily in the airy interior.

The shift manager expedited drinks and meals from the counter to the customers. This did not go unnoticed by us. Way to go, whoever you are!


The Deets

  • Address: 440 K St NW, Washington, D.C.
  • Closest Metro: Mt Vernon Sq/7th St-Convention Center (Yellow/Green Line)
  • Closest Bus Stop: Use Metrobus D4 and P6 at K St NW & 4th St NW
  • WiFi: Yes
  • Patio: Yes
  • Related to: Baked & Wired (1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW, Georgetown)


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