Wondering when that snowplow is hitting your street? A new website from VDOT allows you to track the location of snow removal equipment in real time.

VDOT has launched a new website offering details on maintenance and other issues that impact people at the neighborhood level. The VDOT and Your Neighborhood site includes general information on things like pothole repair, drainage work, and paving.

But perhaps most importantly, the site also includes a snow plow tracker, with a map offering real-time detail on the location of snow removal equipment. This feature is powered by vehicle location technology and kicks in during any storm with 2 inches or more of snow.

In addition, residents can get details in speed limits and signage, and easily submit questions or request service.

The information on the website is based on the frequently asked questions VDOT gets from residents.

“We want people to know about and understand the maintenance work that goes on in their neighborhoods,” said VDOT Commissioner Charles Kilpatrick in a press release. “The information found on VDOT and Your Neighborhood isn’t new, but having these commonly discussed topics in one place makes it quick and easy to find answers when questions arise.”

Screenshot of new VDOT and Your Neighborhood website

Screenshot of new VDOT and Your Neighborhood website


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