Commuters want transportation options they can count on, according to new survey results from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments.

A random sample of 755 commuters showed a preference for travel options that are reliable above all else, trumping concerns over travel time, affordability, and safety.

The survey asked commuters to name their top two factors when it came to choosing a transportation mode. Sixty-five percent of respondents listed reliability.

“This shows that people in the region want to be able to rely on their daily travel to get them where they are going on time and without unexpected delays,” MWCOG said in a blog post revealing the survey results.

The survey showed that reliability was generally important for commuters in all parts of the region, regardless of how they typically got to work. However, those outside the region’s urban core tended to value transit time more than those who lived closer in.

The MWCOG’s Transportation Planning Board will present more of its findings at its next meeting on April 18. The results and related public comments are expected to be used to guide the broad Visualize 2045 long-term transportation planning goals.

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