The National Park Service closed Morrow Drive NW in Rock Creek Park on Monday, as part of a plan to accommodate construction on the park’s main thoroughfare.

The Park Service said it needs to close Morrow Drive in order to make it easier for U.S. Park Police to respond to emergencies during construction work on Beach Drive.

Beach Drive, which is the main drive in Rock Creek Park, is currently closed between Park Rd./Tilden St. NW and Joyce Rd. NW, and is not expected to open again until the fall.

Morrow Drive is still open to pedestrians and bicycles. WTOP reported that the closure of Morrow Drive could impact about 800 commuters each day. It is a common road for drivers looking to access 16th Street from the park. Drivers looking to make their way through the park now must use either Ridge Road or Ross Road, or avoid Rock Creek Park entirely by using 16th St. NW or Oregon Ave. NW.