Metro commuters in Pentagon City will be happy to learn that a long-awaited pedestrian tunnel under South Hayes Street is now open.

The Arlington County Department of Environmental Services confirmed that pedestrians may now access the Pentagon City Metro Station from the north following a $1.3 million renovation project.

Now, it’s possible to access the station from the northeast corner of South Hayes Street and 12th Street through a tunnel under South Hayes to the mezzanine level of the Metro station. This now provides pedestrians with a third access point to the station.

The tunnel had been constructed in 1984 by a developer but was never opened for a variety of legal and logistical reasons. Renovations have been going on for years, and Metro had previously announced the tunnel would open in 2015, and then again last year.

The tunnel will be open for pedestrians from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.