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The Pentagon’s South Parking Lot “Pork Chop” area will undergo renovations beginning in February.

The Pentagon's South Parking Lot "Pork Chop" area will undergo renovations beginning in February.


Pentagon South Parking Lot Renovations Begin Monday

If you commute to the Pentagon, be prepared for big changes as crews begin work Monday on the South Parking Lot’s “Pork Chop” area as part of the 395 Express Lanes project.

The area is adjacent to the Pentagon Transit Center east of Eads Street and north of I-395. Renovations will include the addition of bus-only travel lanes and the reconfiguration of a lane for slug pickup and dropoffs.

The enhancements—intended to improve the traffic flow and overall safety—will cause delays as motorists and bus drivers become accustomed to the new traffic pattern, according to the Transportation Management Program Office, which oversees transit issues for the Defense Department’s Washington Headdquarters Services.

During and after construction, privately owned vehicles (POVs) will enter and exit the Pork Chop from Eads Street. The current exit to VA-110 from the Pork Chop will permanently close to POVs.

Slug lines will remain in the same order during construction, and temporary signage will be installed to direct drivers and pedestrians. New pedestrian sidewalks with a barrier system, new signage and pavement markings to clearly delineate the slug lanes will be added as part of the project.

WHS has been working to reallocate and reassign permits to deal with fewer parking spaces resulting from the renovations.

In addition to the South Parking Lot work, the 395 Express Lanes project will convert the South Rotary Road drop-off/pick-up lane to a right-turn Express Lane entrance ramp. As part of the South Rotary Road work, crews will install gates along the South Rotary turn lane, and install traffic signals on Eads Street at North and South Rotary Roads.


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