The end is nigh: Metro’s SafeTrack maintenance program, which has disrupted regular service across the entire system, will conclude on June 25. The final leg — SafeTrack Surge #16 — will close a five-mile segment of the Red Line between Shady Grove and Twinbrook starting Saturday, June 17 through Sunday, June 25.

The maintenance will close Shady Grove and Rockville Metrorail Stations. As was the case with previous SafeTrack disruptions, free shuttle buses will ferry passengers from the shuttered stations to other parts of the system, Metro said last week.

Red Line trains between Twinbrook and Glenmont will run every eight minutes, compared to a normal pace of six. Between Grosvenor and Silver Spring, trains will run every four minutes, compared to a normal pace of three.

Metro officials urged passengers to start their trips at Twinbrook, White Flint or Grosvenor during this period.