Seniors and disabled people in Howard and Anne Arundel Counties will soon be able to ride local buses for free, under a new policy that unifies the fares for all bus systems in central Maryland.

The Regional Transportation Agency of Central Maryland has eliminated the $1 fare for seniors and the disabled. It also said it reduced the monthly fares or Connect-A-Ride and Howard County Transit Buses to $40. A day pass will cost $5 and 10-trip pass will cost $15.

Currently, Howard County Transit and Connect-A-Ride Buses differ in some fare policies because they once operated as completely separate systems. The two services merged to form RTA Central Maryland in 2004. Starting July 1, all fares will be the same regardless of the bus service.

RTA Central Maryland serves Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, as well as the City of Laurel and portions of North Prince George’s County.


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