The Washington area woke up to light snow that was expected to intensify and accumulate throughout the day, forcing the closure of most government offices and schools, and disruptions in public transit service. The National Weather Service said 3-7 inches of snow could fall today, but some areas further out from the District have already seen higher totals.

Key things to note for commuters:

  • The Federal Government is closed. Enjoy the snow day, Feds!
  • MARC and VRE train services will not run.
  • Metrorail remained open Wednesday morning but will operate under a modified weekday schedule. The Rush Hour Promise program will not be in effect.
  • Metrobus is operating under its “Severe Snow Plan,” with buses operating every 15 to 30 minutes. This is a reduction in service from the “Moderate Snow Plan” in place earlier. [Details here].
  • The District has declared a snow emergency until 7 a.m. Thursday. This means you will not be able to park in designation snow emergency zones.
  • HOV restrictions have been lifted on I-395 and I-66. This means that there will be no tolls on I-66. (It’s still not a good idea to drive today.)
  • Wind warnings are in effect on the Bay Bridge. All vehicles are still permitted to cross but are urged to be cautious. If winds top 40 miles per hour, restrictions could be put in place.
  • Don’t be surprised if you don’t see plows right away, as crews often wait until there are a couple inches of snow on the ground, according to VDOT.

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